Strategic Services


Our team is committed to the highest standards of accountability and compliance to ensure high quality service and confidentiality to our clients. Consultants are available for a wide variety of tasks from providing travel management advice, complex security restructuring, risk mitigation, threat assessments, and medical/safety assessments. Adhering to evolving industry standards, protocols and government regulations, our consultants are trained to mitigate possible threats by providing assessments based upon ACH models which calculate environment and situational factors which can escalate risk. Using such methods allows our analyst and consultants to project possible outcomes and create comprehensive security plans minimizing risk and liability. 

Risk management is the process for identifying, analyzing, and communicating
risk and accepting, avoiding, transferring, or controlling it to an acceptable level considering associated costs and benefits of any actions taken.
— DHS Risk Lexicon, 2010 Edition
                           Detect. Deter. Defend

                          Detect. Deter. Defend

Personal Aides

Strategic Threat Solutions offers personal aides for assistance and logistic support. Personal aides are available for local, domestic, or international assignments and provide logistical support in a variety of areas including (but not limited to) coordination of transportation, flights, hotel and restaurant accommodations, small errands etc. A personal aide provides the necessary support required for smooth travel and daily operations. If required, a personal driver trained in defensive driving and evasive maneuvers is also available to ensure safe and secure travels.