CA CCW 2 Day Course

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CA CCW 2 Day Course


This class is accepted by Orange County, Riverside County, City of Riverside, City of Murrieta, City of Ontario, City of Redlands, City of Riverside, City of El Monte, City of Barstow, San Diego County, as well as other California Agencies.

The course is sanctioned by numerous County Sheriff's Offices for the concealed carry of handguns. We will be conducting this training on a monthly basis and private classes can be arranged.

The course is taught by Police Officers with outstanding qualifications. The material covered will include: laws, responsibilities, ethical considerations, firearms training and qualification as mandated by law.

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Equipment / Ammunition:

+ Eye and ear protection
+ Holster
+ Belt
+ Magazine or speedloader pouch/carrier
+ 2 magazines or 1 speedloader per weapon type
+ Primary handgun (200 rounds of ammo)
+ 2nd and 3rd handgun (50 rounds of ammo each. This is optional. 2nd and 3rd handgun are an additional $25.00 each)
+ Hot lunch provided on Day 1. Day 2, students will have an hour lunch break. During this time they may visit one of the onsite vendors or enjoy a sack lunch from home.

The weapon(s) you intend to use on the permit must be used during the course. You may list up to three handguns per permit and must qualify with each during the course.

Cost covers handouts and range fees.

This course does not guarantee a C.C.W. permit.

**This course is no discountable**