Strategic Training Solutions




When faced with threat, the human mind naturally falls into a state of emergency alert releasing adrenaline, forcing the mind to choose between fight and flight. The mind is then subject to stress, affecting the minds capacity to think clearly and make decisions as the mind is preoccupied by fear and emotion.  It is the choice of the individual to prepare and equip the mind with defense mechanisms and tactics to effectively and efficiently combat threat.

Our training promotes proven techniques to train the mind how to handle and navigate threat in realistic environments and through practiced encounters with threat in order to improve accuracy and response under stress and duress. We offer extensive training with instructors who are certified by The Surefire Institute among various other certifications and qualifications. Courses offered include firearm and edged weapons courses (basic to advanced), defensive and combative tactics, low-light tactics, women's self defense, and executive protection/close training.


Firearms Courses

Available courses include: 

·      Womens Pistol

·      General Handgun

·      General Rifle/Carbine

·      General Shotgun

·      Tactical Carbine

·       Tactical Pistol

·       Tactical Shotgun

·       Low-Light Tactics

·       Advanced Low-Light Tactics

·       Live Fire Entry


specialty training

Terrorism is a long-standing global challenge. Defense against terrorism starts with individual preparedness, crisis management for first responders, and political strategies applied in international interactions.

To aid in the effort to combat terrorism we have developed courses that place focus on coordinated strategies and approaches to defeat terrorism.